Saturday, February 20, 2010


One of my favorite wedding gifts was a set of insanely beautiful sheets. They are the perfect kind that get softer every time you wash them. Even three years later I still get excited about using them. Although they still feel fantastic they were starting to look a bit discoloured.
So on Wednesday during my Spotlight adventure I decided to grab some fabric dye and refresh my favourite sheets. I also decided to be adventures.I purposely chose 'flamingo pink' thinking it would be a fun way to add a little colour to the room. Having never dyed anything as large as a sheet before I didn't even stop to think about what would be involved. It was to big. There wasn't enough dye. Or water. Or room to stir it around to make sure it was being evenly covered.

The result.
It's adventurous and it's colourful.
Kinda psychedelic don't ya think?


Sojourner said...

perfect!! :)

♥ Caz said...

I think it looks much more interesting this way. :)

Victoria. {TheYummyMummySecrets} said...

looks pretty awesome.

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