Monday, June 28, 2010

A Pirates Life.

Noah has been asking for a pirate party since Eli's birthday in February.
Cute, huh?
This is the first year that he has asked for a certain theme for his birthday so I plan on fully indulging his dream.
I may even go so far as to dress myself up...if I'm brave that is.

I've been searching the net for a little bit of inspiration, unfortunately I get the feeling that the things I think are gorgeous are not exactly what he was imagining.
Like this pirate ship picture. Approiate for a four year olds party you think?
Somehow I don't think Noah would think this is fun.
Maybe I should have a pirate party of my own?

image via weheartit

Thursday, June 24, 2010


Do you ever have those moments when you realise how incredible life can actually be?
I'm having one of those nights tonight.
I'm seeing the little miracles that happen everyday.
I'm seeing how fragile life is, and how lucky we are to have the things that we do.

 I have three amazingly beautiful children who drive me completely up the wall.
They do.
It's not at all uncommon to hear me wonder out loud why I actually bother.
I know why.
Because they are my everything.

I live in this place thats famous for it's beaches.
The sunshine.
The wildlife.
Yeh? Whatever.
Have you ever seen the beauty or smelt the smoke of sugar cane being burnt off?
Truely it's magic.

I just spent the night laughing with my girlfriends enjoying a stupid movie.
This is a true miracle for me.
I never believed I'd have true friends, but somehow over the last five years of living in this paradise I've managed to surround myself with beautiful people.
How lucky I am to realise.

A very special one of those friends is quickly heading in the direction of having a dream come true.
I am so excited for her that I can barely contain myself.
I'm fairly certain that soon I'm going to be doing a happy dance for her in my living room.
(And Miss, you better believe it will be some hell of a happy dance cause I am so believing for you in this. x)

I dunno. Guess I'm feeling kinda gushy tonight.
Happiness is good though.
Sure beats the other options.

(pictures via weheartit)

Oh, and stars kinda rock as well.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

A New Look.

I love my new look blog.
It's so pretty.
A nice change from the pink me thinks.

Monday, June 21, 2010

New Home.

Some more pictures of our new home for my mummy.

 Kaylas bedroom.

My camera isn't turning on to get the rest.
But seriously how cute is she? So much cuter then her room.


23 things to do.

Just taking a look at my 'to-do' list. Coming along quite nicely I think.

  • Plant a pot plant.
I planted a Jade plant a few weeks ago. It's somehow still alive. Although if the boys would quit attacking it with cricket bats perhaps it would even grow.
  • Get a tattoo.

  • Go on a hike.
  • Take a family holiday.
  • Become more involved in church.
We have recently moved to a new church and have stepped straight into life there.
Feels like home. 
Like we've always belonged there. 
Am definatly more invovled here then I ever was at our last church.
  • Clear out some clutter.    

     I cleared out so much darn clutter when we were moving it wasn't funny. 

    Four trips to the tip and three to the lifeline bin. 
    I think I can count that as crossed out, yes?

    • Buy a strangers groceries.
    • Finish part 1 of my Interior Design course.
    • Lose 10kgs.
    • Get a manicure.
    • Perfect our daily routines.
    • Create new art for our home. 
     When we moved I got myself set up with plenty of new artwork/prints.
    I would love more. 
    I dream of a home overflowing with beautiful prints.
    • Keep a food and exercise diary.
    • Go to Yungaburra markets.
    • Get into the breakfast habit.
    • Finally fix up our TV cabinet.
    • Resize my wedding ring.
    • Send someone a homemade gift for no reason but I love them.
    • Exercise daily (yeh right).
    • Take a camping trip.
    • Fix up my car.
    • Buy a bread maker.
    • Take the kids to the cinema.
    So that's five down eighteen to go. Yay. Bring it on!

      Fitness Freak.

      So I've been kinda slack. 
      I had this whole idea when we moved that I would go to the gym in our complex after the kids went to bed at night. I wasn't exactly successful.
      I did start, but it didn't last nearly long enough.
      So I have a new mission. I'm purposely starting off small and hoping I can just keep on adding on.
      So my current mission? 
      Gym. Everyday. For ten days?
      Think I can do it?
      I'll let you know.

      image from weheartit

      Wednesday, June 16, 2010

      The Vision. Part 3.

      I wrote the other day about my life vision. 
      Vision is such a intriguing word. 
      I was talking with friends tonight about what it means to have a vision for the future.
      Not a 'how should i live my life' kinda vision.
      A 'how am I going to do God's work' vision.
      You know the kind.
      The kind that effects other people.
      The kind that makes the world a better place.
      The kind that uses your unique gifts and talents.
      The kind that you are passionate about.

      This kind of vision I've always struggled with.
      I never saw how I could effect other people,
      I never saw that I could make the world a better place.
      I never saw that I have unique gifts and talents.
      I never felt passionate enough.

      I am surrounded with friends with big obvious talents and even bigger dreams.
      It's always left me feeling inadequate.
      I can't tell you how many times I've cried about the fact that I have no obvious talents and that I've never been struck by lightning with a big dream or passion.
      I have things I care deeply about. 
      And things I want to do. 
      But I never felt it was enough.
      I wanted big. 

      Tonight I realised that I do have passions. 
      Passions and dreams that run deep within my soul.
      Ones that I can't shake or change.
      They just didn't get there in a slap in the face obvious moment.
      They grew over time until they became apart of me.
      It's exciting thinking that all this time I was busy focusing on the crap in my life.
      Focusing  on why I could never do anything meaningful.
      Focusing on my lack of big in your face talents.
      All this time my talents, hopes, passions and dreams were there.
      Simmering under the surface. Just waiting for me to stop long enough to look.

      Now that I've looked it's finally so clear.
      I've had my lightning moment.
      There's no looking back now.


      all images via weheartit

      Sunday, June 6, 2010

      The Vision. Part 2.

      When looking for pictures for the previous post I found several that touched a cord. 
      I couldn't leave them floating in cyber space without sharing them on here.

      all images via weheartit

      The Vision.

      I have a vision of my life.
      How I live it.
      The values I hold.
      Priorities I have.

      I have a vision of morals I want to instill in my children.
      Things I want to ensure they believe about themselves.
      The moments I want to have with them.

      I have a vision of my marriage.
      Of what makes us, us.
      Of the "rules" we follow, and the ones we break.
      Of the things that define us.

      My life is not living up to the vision.
      At the moment it is completely wrong.
      Not in the: 'We didn't expect this but it's pretty darn good way.'
      No, at the moment it is ok. Just plain old boring ok.
      We are getting by.

      Or we were.
      Until today.
      Today I snapped.
      I packed up some things and ran away from home.
      I broke down.
      I yelled, screamed, and cried by eyes out.

      I ran away from home once before.
      I can't remember how old I was.
      I think it was somewhere around 9.
      Anyway, when I was somewhere around 9 I ran away from home.
      I planned to stay away forever or until my parents realized I was gone and cried and came looking for me.
      I went and hid behind the back fence so I would be able to hear when they started to panic.
      I never heard. I;m not sure they even noticed I was gone.
      I must have hidden out behind that fence for a whole 15 minutes before I got bored and came home.
      I honestly can't even remember what happened next. Obviously I didn't make for a very dramatic runaway when I was 9.

      So today was my second runaway experience.
      I spent the whole day learning some new things about myself and longing to be home with the one person who always, no matter what, manages to make me feel better.
      Our marriage may not fit with the vision. It my not meet my standards. It may not be great. But it's defiantly got potential.
      So sometime after dinner when the kids started to get restless I packed up my ego and headed home.

      At this point in time nothing has technically changed.
      My life is still the same.
      My kids are still overwhelming.
      My marriage needs still needs some work.
      But something on the inside has changed.
      I've let it out. That means things can start to change.
      We've started. And thats what counts right?
      That you start.
      Cause the truth is, there is no end.

      Life goes on.
      Your children will still be your children even when they're 30.
      And love doesn't just disappear when the marriage is harder then expected.

      The vision is the goal.
      I won't give up.
      I refuse.

      Life is hard, but it will be great.


      all images via weheartit


      Tuesday, June 1, 2010

      New Home.

      I feel so at home at this house.
      After only a month it already feels more like our home then our last place did.
      By request of my mumma, here are a few photos.


      Our super great chalkboard table.


      main bed.

      Will take some more pictures tomorrow. Kids rooms, lounge and study are still missing.

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