Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Don't you love...

Don't you just love finding that new song to completely obsess over?

You’re gonna cry yourself to sleep
Your’re gonna soak the pillow
for many weeks
You’re gonna cry
Why me?
But in spite of the ache
that doesn’t go away
You’ll be sharing your story
one rainy day
And at the next table somebody catches your words
He hear’s a truth that he’s never heard
He takes it back to the marriage he’d given up on
Hands it down to his daughter
who writes it into song
You didn’t know
A thousand things are happening in this one thing
Like a thousand fields nourished by a single drop of rain
So honey, wrap yourself in promise
while you wait the morning light
A thousand things are happening tonight
You’re gonna cry yourself to sleep
‘cause for the moment all that you can see
Is what you’ve lost , lost
Why me?
But in the midst of the most exquisite pain
you’re drawn into a peace that You cannot explain
and the praises you sing of a sovereign God
reach the girl whose last hope is gone
she never thought there was purpose in anything here
now the seed has been planted and it’s taking root there
You didn’t know
A thousand things are happening tonight
You’re gonna cry yourself to sleep
A thousand miracles you’ll have to wait and see

Wednesday, November 17, 2010


Imagine how fun it would be to have pink hair for just a little while.

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Don't you love it...

Don't you love  it when things just work out perfectly.

xx Amie

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Tuesday, November 16, 2010


I'm not sure what happened. Where we went wrong. But somewhere along the line the kidlets went nuts.
They were so lovely while we were away. They hardly fought. They were relatively quiet. They went to bed easily. They never ran away whilst at the shops/zoo/museum.

Now we are home it appears they are fighting worse then ever. Constantly attacking each other and having crying fits.

Maybe it's fatigue after the holiday.
Maybe it's the freedom of being back home.
Maybe it's because for the first time in two weeks there is only Mum to deal with, no Dad watching in the background or Nina promising sweets.

I'm fighting desperately within myself to not play the blame game.
I have come so far. I will not go back to being that girl.
I am not to blame.
 Mike will not come home to a wild house and me crying in the bedroom.
I refuse to give in.
I will stay strong.

xx Amie

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Thursday, November 11, 2010


When you live away from the cities you miss out on a very basic thing.
So while I am in Sydney visiting my mummy we have planned a rather exciting thing.
Today is Ikea day.
I am giddy with excitement. 


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Tuesday, November 9, 2010


I think the time has come to finally join Fat Mum Slim in point and shoot.
And it just so happens that I have something exciting to share from this weekend.
This weekend tattoo number two happened.


This year I am seriously eager for Christmas.
I've got decorations and gifts all planned out.
It's just waiting for an appropriate time to start decking the halls.

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