Tuesday, November 16, 2010


I'm not sure what happened. Where we went wrong. But somewhere along the line the kidlets went nuts.
They were so lovely while we were away. They hardly fought. They were relatively quiet. They went to bed easily. They never ran away whilst at the shops/zoo/museum.

Now we are home it appears they are fighting worse then ever. Constantly attacking each other and having crying fits.

Maybe it's fatigue after the holiday.
Maybe it's the freedom of being back home.
Maybe it's because for the first time in two weeks there is only Mum to deal with, no Dad watching in the background or Nina promising sweets.

I'm fighting desperately within myself to not play the blame game.
I have come so far. I will not go back to being that girl.
I am not to blame.
 Mike will not come home to a wild house and me crying in the bedroom.
I refuse to give in.
I will stay strong.

xx Amie

image via weheartit.com 


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