Tuesday, March 22, 2011


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My Place and Yours.

This weeks My Place and Yours is: Where do you blog?

I used to use a crappy old laptop that could never be unplugged so all blogging was done from my desk in the little office/study nook.
It needs a serious clean up, but I've been sick so all energy used has been going towards getting organised for  my upcoming weekend trip so you'll just need to deal with looking at the mess.

Now that I have a beautiful new laptop I can blog from where ever I want. 
Most often either my desk or the couch.
Mr Rudey just got out of the bath and wanted to be in the picture, but then changed his mind, nice shot huh?

  So there. Now you know. You also now know exactly how messy my house is today.


Monday, March 21, 2011

Pain Pain Go Away.

Have you ever had the never ending headache?
The one that hurts so much more then any other headache you ever remember having and lingers so much longer then welcome?
This headache has been with me for two full days now.
Doesn't sound like long.
Until you factor in that it's one of those "I can not even bare to move my head, I want to hide under the blankets in the dark" type pains. 
And that the children seem to have hit their 'quiet threshold.'
I'm putting my order in for some supernatural healing please God.
Overnight delivery would be great, I have a holiday to pack for.


Oh what fun.

Web cams are fun for playing with the little people when they are cranky.
My kids are Skype addicts.
(Check out the eyes. Perhaps I was just a little shattered??)

Do you?


Wednesday, March 16, 2011


Exactly one week till my trip away.
Let the daily countdown begin.
Can you tell I'm excited.

23 Things to do.

I'm in the process of writing my list of '24 things to do before I turn 25' for the next year. 
So of course it's the perfect time to go back over last years list.

Plant a pot plant.
Get a tattoo.
Go on a hike.
Take a family holiday.
Become more involved in church.
Clear out some clutter.

Buy a strangers groceries.
Finish part 1 of my Interior Design course.
Lose 10kgs.
Get a manicure.
Perfect our daily routines.
Create new art for our home.
Keep a food and exercise diary.
Go to Yungaburra markets.
Get into the breakfast habit.
Finally fix up our TV cabinet.
Resize my wedding ring.
Send someone a homemade gift for no reason but I love them.
Exercise daily (yeh right).
Take a camping trip.
Fix up my car.
Buy a bread maker.
.Take the kids to the cinema.

So I guess I lost momentum at some point in time so a few of these will be transferred to this years list.


As I'm sure most of you know, the opening scene of Toy Story 3 features the fabulous 'Evil Doctor Porkchop' as some kind of flying spaceship like craft.

So I, being the awesome mother that I am, had a stroke of inspiration and suggested that next time they play with their 'Buzz' and 'Woody' dolls they could perhaps use Kayla's piggy bank to be 'Evil Doctor Porkchop'.

Obviously I wasn't thinking clearly because I was very quickly informed that Kayla's toy couldn't be Evil Doctor Pork chop because "He has no blips."
That's Noah speak for wings, in case you missed that.

So I tried to explain that Andy uses his imagination to give the pig wings.
This just confused him.
"Can we go to the shops to get some imagination?"
"No, your imagination is in here" {taps forehead}
At which point I got leveled the best 'mum has finally lost the plot' stare.
"Mum. {sigh} That is not my imagination. That. Is. My. Head {eye roll}"

Awesome Noah. 
I can not wait to tease you one day when you are all grown-ed up.


Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Kitchen Fun.

Yesterday I did the "I'm going to pull everything out of my kitchen cupboards and rearrange" moment.
It's something I'm sure everybody has encountered at some point in time.
I even took pictures to show you lovely folks exactly how messy the pantry was.

And now:

And my new (whatever you call the plate cupboard):

In an effort to encourage independence plastic are now within reach.
Noah is loving getting his own cups for water.

I even organised the freezer:

I feel like I'm on a roll. Wonder what will get fixed up next?


My Place and Yours.

I've decided to join in with Hello Owl for My Place and Yours.
This weeks theme is 'W'.
I couldn't really think of anything except for the lovely White furniture in Kayla's room.
I loved her cot for months before we bought and was so excited to set it up.

Her draws were an ugly op shop find sanded back and painted to transform into perfection (if I do say so myself)

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Hungry Much?

This morning I somehow ended up at the most seriously scrumptious blog Diamonds for Dessert.
I'm pretty sure I followed a link from a post on another blog (as one does) but for the life of me can't remember which one (at this current moment I have 19 tabs open - none of which have the link.)
If you havne't eaten today, prepare to get hungry.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

I'm so excited.

In exactly two short weeks I'll be sitting at the airport waiting for a flight for an all girls birthday weekend in Melbourne.
And let me tell you now, it's going to be fabulous!!


Don't you love...

Dont you just love tucking into bed early.
It's 7:55 and I'm all ready to jump into bed.
Showered, pj's, teeth. The works.
Only there will be no jumping.
A slow crawl perhaps.
Today was one of those days that while nothing totally offensive happened, all the children were pretty well behaved, house is tidy ect I am so shattered. The cranky, completely over it kind of shattered.

I'm in the process of trying to adjust to a new 'routine' which basically involes hurling my ass into bed by 9:00 whenever I can rather then staying up until midnight like I generally do.
Midnight + broken by babies sleep = one super bitchy mumma.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Bright Sunshiny Day.

Have you seen the new Kate Spade ad campain featuring Bryce Dallas Howard?
It's not often that I see an ad the really gets my attention, but I seriously love these.
They are so different from all the black and white over sexed crap we normally get fed.
These make me want to slip on some bright shoes and go skipping down the street.


Sunday, March 6, 2011

Have you read...

I read 'Water for Elephants' a few months ago and completely fell in love.
Since I've had a bit of a circus obsession happening.
With the film coming out soon it's only getting worse.
Doesn't hurt that it's starring my not so secret mumma crush Robert Pattinson.

If you haven't read it I would suggest you rush out tomorrow morning and pick up a copy.
You won't regret it, I promise.


Wonders will never cease.

It's 7:37 and all my children are asleep.
This never happens.
Tea and blog time.
Then early to bed yes?
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