Tuesday, March 22, 2011

My Place and Yours.

This weeks My Place and Yours is: Where do you blog?

I used to use a crappy old laptop that could never be unplugged so all blogging was done from my desk in the little office/study nook.
It needs a serious clean up, but I've been sick so all energy used has been going towards getting organised for  my upcoming weekend trip so you'll just need to deal with looking at the mess.

Now that I have a beautiful new laptop I can blog from where ever I want. 
Most often either my desk or the couch.
Mr Rudey just got out of the bath and wanted to be in the picture, but then changed his mind, nice shot huh?

  So there. Now you know. You also now know exactly how messy my house is today.



Cinda said...

I'm still with my old laptop.... it's hooked up to a cooling fan and extra side fan....so sad. I only took a pic of my laptop close up so that you wouldn't see my mess ;)

lol ...my Mr Terrible Two does that too!

Just Jess said...

LOL at your picture! and the old lap top that always had to be plugged in!

I'm so glad to have my laptop, my old computer was the slowest ever!


Danielle said...

check out the love heart on the bum too adorable xx

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