Wednesday, June 16, 2010

The Vision. Part 3.

I wrote the other day about my life vision. 
Vision is such a intriguing word. 
I was talking with friends tonight about what it means to have a vision for the future.
Not a 'how should i live my life' kinda vision.
A 'how am I going to do God's work' vision.
You know the kind.
The kind that effects other people.
The kind that makes the world a better place.
The kind that uses your unique gifts and talents.
The kind that you are passionate about.

This kind of vision I've always struggled with.
I never saw how I could effect other people,
I never saw that I could make the world a better place.
I never saw that I have unique gifts and talents.
I never felt passionate enough.

I am surrounded with friends with big obvious talents and even bigger dreams.
It's always left me feeling inadequate.
I can't tell you how many times I've cried about the fact that I have no obvious talents and that I've never been struck by lightning with a big dream or passion.
I have things I care deeply about. 
And things I want to do. 
But I never felt it was enough.
I wanted big. 

Tonight I realised that I do have passions. 
Passions and dreams that run deep within my soul.
Ones that I can't shake or change.
They just didn't get there in a slap in the face obvious moment.
They grew over time until they became apart of me.
It's exciting thinking that all this time I was busy focusing on the crap in my life.
Focusing  on why I could never do anything meaningful.
Focusing on my lack of big in your face talents.
All this time my talents, hopes, passions and dreams were there.
Simmering under the surface. Just waiting for me to stop long enough to look.

Now that I've looked it's finally so clear.
I've had my lightning moment.
There's no looking back now.


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Sojourner said...

oh wow!!! can't wait to talk without a phone, and instead a big mug of hot tea!!!

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