Monday, June 21, 2010

23 things to do.

Just taking a look at my 'to-do' list. Coming along quite nicely I think.

  • Plant a pot plant.
I planted a Jade plant a few weeks ago. It's somehow still alive. Although if the boys would quit attacking it with cricket bats perhaps it would even grow.
  • Get a tattoo.

  • Go on a hike.
  • Take a family holiday.
  • Become more involved in church.
We have recently moved to a new church and have stepped straight into life there.
Feels like home. 
Like we've always belonged there. 
Am definatly more invovled here then I ever was at our last church.
  • Clear out some clutter.    

     I cleared out so much darn clutter when we were moving it wasn't funny. 

    Four trips to the tip and three to the lifeline bin. 
    I think I can count that as crossed out, yes?

    • Buy a strangers groceries.
    • Finish part 1 of my Interior Design course.
    • Lose 10kgs.
    • Get a manicure.
    • Perfect our daily routines.
    • Create new art for our home. 
     When we moved I got myself set up with plenty of new artwork/prints.
    I would love more. 
    I dream of a home overflowing with beautiful prints.
    • Keep a food and exercise diary.
    • Go to Yungaburra markets.
    • Get into the breakfast habit.
    • Finally fix up our TV cabinet.
    • Resize my wedding ring.
    • Send someone a homemade gift for no reason but I love them.
    • Exercise daily (yeh right).
    • Take a camping trip.
    • Fix up my car.
    • Buy a bread maker.
    • Take the kids to the cinema.
    So that's five down eighteen to go. Yay. Bring it on!


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