Thursday, February 25, 2010

Operation; Think Happy. Week 2

I can't believe it's already been a week.
My seven things for this week.

It's Eli's birthday this week (today actually). This very obviously makes me happy. He is growing up so quickly and is so special to us. He is our 'almost' honeymoon baby. I wanted him so desperately and was planning him for months before we even started trying. He is such a delight. An old soul. Perfection in a little body. And now he's 2.

Sleep. I have been so tired this week. It's pretty insane. My lovely husband has been helping out heaps so that I can get some rest and hopefully some energy back.

I think I have been generally more positive this week. Thats something to be happy about, right?

Sexy bum jeans. I love jeans. This week I started wearing them again for the first time post Kayla. They are a few sizes bigger then I used to wear but that doesn't matter. I've decided they look HOT anyway.

Revelations of love. Even when they are not directed at me. I love hearing about love.

With birthdays comes birthday cake. Eli is having 3 cakes this year. Yes, 3. He is spoilt. The first one will be this morning at playgroup. The boys can hardly contain their excitement, it's contagious. 

Pretty pictures. Their are so many beautiful images out there. I think I need to dedicate a wall in my home to beautiful prints.


Sojourner said...

I love these operation think happy posts!!
Your description of Eli is adorable and perfect :)
Wondering what declarations of love this may be?
And absolutely positively am in favour of you dedicating a wall of your house to pretty pictures so I can admire them as my walls are too crowded already.. or mouldy :)

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