Wednesday, February 10, 2010


Generally speaking I like to think I'm a calm, peaceful kinda soul.
Might not be true, but thats besides the point.
Generally speaking I like to think of myself that way and that's all that matters.
Not today.
Today I could use a whole string of profanities.
Only I don't actually know that many.

Today my real estate agent pissed me off.
She basically called me a bad mum to my face...well on the phone.
I hung up and cried for an hour, went to the shops and spent way to much money.
Then I came home and was informed that this particular real estate agent is just a bitch all the time.
So I'm trying to get over it.
But first I have to put it out there.
F*ck you, COW!

There. I feel much better already.

(Sorry if I offended anyone. I really am a nice person I promise.)


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