Thursday, February 25, 2010


Do you wear an apron?
I always think of aprons as something kinda pointless. Yes it prevents you from getting flour and crud on your clothes. But when your constantly covered in baby spit in doesn't seem worth the effort.

But yet there is something so charmingly domestic about them that almost makes it appealing.

Recently as part of my quest for self discovery I have been planning a little bit of "upkeep".
Waxing, hair dye and possibly even a spray tan.
As odd as it sounds, this fits in perfectly with aprons.

Perhaps the next step should be to find myself one that is so charming I can't possibly resist.
If I'm going to the effort to try and appear like more then a dirty sleep deprived mum then maybe I should also attempt to leave the house with no baking mess on my clothes.

I'm sure this makes no sense in anyones head besides mine, but thats not the point.
The point was, I think I want to buy an apron. 
The end.


Sojourner said...

I love aprons! One day I will make myself one!! Maybe I could be creative and make you a "charming" one, but we know how long it takes for me to get things achieved and I don't have any excuses.You have 3 kids and find the time!! what's wrong with me?

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