Tuesday, February 9, 2010


Shopping with a friend today I notice a sign outside one of the stores, it read:
The future starts today, not tomorrow.
Pope John Paul II

I haven't stopped thinking about it all afternoon. 
It's so simple, almost too simple really.
 It's something I've heard a million times before in a million different variations. 

I guess the reason being that it's true.
I can't help thinking about how many times I think I will start something 'tomorrow'.
Tomorrow I will be happy, do craft, start a new project.
Tomorrow I will start a new housework routine.
Tomorrow I will start exercising.
Tomorrow I will take photos of my friends.
Even stupid little things. Tomorrow I will hang my clothes up as soon as I get changed.
Tomorrow I will actually make my bed.
(can you tell being tidy is a bit of a problem in this house?)

What I'm struggling to work out is, why is this? Why don't we just decide to do something and then, well, just do it? Really, it seems more odd the more I think about it. I know in theory it's something to do with the start of a new day blah, blah, blah. But it still doesn't quite sit right. So?

So my only option now that I'm aware of how much this bugs me is to do something about it. From this moment on I am going to do my darndest  to stop putting things off. To do things when I get an idea, or at least make a concerted effort to plan an actual time to get it done instead of just plonking it onto my mental to-do list. In the next few days I'm going to attempt to write down that mental to-do list so I can start ticking things off. Yes, infact I think I will do that tomorrow.  


Fresh Mommy said...

That is so great. It's so true though, it's easy to just put so many things off until tomorrow, but that tomorrow where we do it rarely comes. This is such a good reminder!! :)

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