Thursday, April 15, 2010

Three for me.

Three delightful things I have stumbled across recently that I would love to have just for me.

1. Birdhouse Egg Timer from Huset. I have a thing for cute kitchen accessories and have only recently started to actually collect them rather then just look.

2. All Sweetness and Lights, what a perfect description. They would be just perfect in our new house (even though we haven't actually found one yet). 

3. I can so envision myself rocking this fascinator. (Not half up myself)?

Check out Buttons by Lou Lou for more Three for Me.


Lucy said...

The fascinator is gorgeous!

Buttons by Lou Lou said...

Bit of a bird theme there. I am quite obsessed with birds at the moment. I think if I had the confidence to wear that fascinator it would be gorgeous.

Thanks for joining in today. Lou.

Sojourner said...

you would totally ROCK that facinator!!! and I'm loving the lights! I want them! but alas maybe my house is fairylighted enough? n the timer? u know I want one of them.
oh you have some good taste!!

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