Thursday, April 29, 2010

Rocking It.

This morning Noah had his first pull blown scream all through the shopping centre hissy fit. Crying, sitting on the floor, screaming. He didn't want to go home. He wanted to stay and play. He broke the rules over and over again so I pulled out the tough mum card and we left. I felt horrible, but I think I handled it quite well. I didn't loss my calm. I didn't yell. I just kept walking. Holding him. Talking softly. 
Eventually we made it to the care. 
After some struggle I had all three strapped in their seats and we were headed home.

Normally I listen to either the Christian radio station while driving.
Not today.
I didn't feel like listening to the monotone babble that was currently being poured out.
This is were the fun began. 
I put on my favorite mindless, relaxing sing-along CD and to my delight Noah started singing along with me. 
It was absolutely priceless.
I stole a glance at him through the rear view mirror only to see him pulling the most hilarious rock n roll face.
If only I had a camera for that moment.

I've been laughing all afternoon thinking about it. 


Sojourner said...

I was like super impressed with how you handled him! such a pro!! I think I woulda melted onto the floor beside him n cried cause I wanted to play too. That is just too funny bout your sing-along! That boy has been so funny with everything lately. I hope he doesn't grow outta it.. cept the tantrum. That can be the final one.

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