Wednesday, April 21, 2010


We finally have somewhere to move to.
So now begins the crazy 2 weeks that proceeds every move.
Nana left today, so it's kinda 1 thing less to take care of although I already miss her so much. She was hardly any trouble at all.
So looking after Nana has been replaced with packing chaos.
I'm trying to be organised about it.
But it would seriously help if the other family members weren't such grubs.
I believe everyone else in this house is using "we're packing" as an excuse to make a huge mess and not do anything to clean it up.
Granted 3 out of the 5 family members are under the age of 4, so they can't really help it. 
But the older one?? 
The husband shaped one?
 I do wonder what he is thinking. 
Perhaps he is trying to drown me in boxes!


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