Monday, April 18, 2011

24 things to do.

Take a family holiday (that doesn't involve visiting family)
Go on a hike.
Lose 10kgs.
Get a manicure.
Perfect our daily routines.
Keep a food and exercise diary.
Go to Yungaburra markets.
Take a camping trip.
Go to the shooting range.
Fix up my car.
Buy a kind size bed.
Plan another fundraising tea party.
Blog more consistently.
Go a month without facebook.
Complete Couch to 5km's.
At least once explore some local touristy rainforest near by.
Learn to play poker.
Find and purchase the perfect dining table.
Read a book a fortnight.
Try a food I don't think I like.
Go to the theatre regularly.
Have saving aside for nothing.
Don't kill my children.
Be happy.

Time for celebration.
I've completed my first item from 'the list'

Friday was a pupil free day for Noah but the younger two still had daycare so we decided to take advantage and go on a great Noah and Mummy adventure.

I had my camera on the wrong setting. Well done me.
We had such a perfect morning though.



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