Monday, April 4, 2011

24 things to do.

Birthday = new list.
Some of the things are yet to be completed items from last years list.
Most of them are new.
Hopefully I can complete them all this year.
Just a wee bit excited.

Take a family holiday (that doesn't involve visiting family)
Go on a hike.
Lose 10kgs.
Get a manicure.
Perfect our daily routines.
Keep a food and exercise diary.
Go to Yungaburra markets.
Take a camping trip.
Go to the shooting range.
Fix up my car.
Buy a kind size bed.
Plan another fundraising tea party.
Blog more consistently.
Go a month without facebook.
Complete Couch to 5km's.
At least once explore some local touristy rainforest near by.
Learn to play poker.
Find and purchase the perfect dining table.
Read a book a fortnight.
Try a food I don't think I like.
Go to the theatre regularly.
Have saving aside for nothing.
Don't kill my children.
Be happy.



Ziva said...

Hmmm, I can help with some of those. How do you feel about trying to eat eel? It's surprisingly good.

Naomi said...

Love this list. Especially love the last 2! Thanks for dropping by my blog. Lovely to meet you. N x

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