Tuesday, May 3, 2011

24 things to do.

Take a family holiday (that doesn't involve visiting family)
Go on a hike.
Lose 10kgs.
Get a manicure.
Perfect our daily routines.
Keep a food and exercise diary.
Go to Yungaburra markets.
Take a camping trip.
Go to the shooting range.
Fix up my car.
Buy a kind size bed.
Plan another fundraising tea party.
Blog more consistently.
Go a month without facebook.
Complete Couch to 5km's.
At least once explore some local touristy rainforest near by.
Learn to play poker.
Find and purchase the perfect dining table.
Read a book a fortnight.
Try a food I don't think I like.
Go to the theatre regularly.
Have saving aside for nothing.
Don't kill my children.
Be happy.

I did it.
I didn't actually think I would get to tick this one off.
But I am.
We went camping.
Two nights in the Daintree.
It was fun.
It totally sucked.
Don't know which one is the winner.
Perhaps will try again when the little miss is a bit older.
She spent the weekend crying, and sulking, then crying some more. Oh there was definite refusal to sleep as well.
Perhaps if I had gotten a few hours sleep at some point of the weekend I would have enjoyed it more.
But it was OK. I'm not refusing to ever go again. Just refusing to go again within a year. 
Big difference.


Zoe said...

Our last camping trip was a disaster too.. It poored the whole time and Harp just wanted to get down and crawl around and couldnt so he cried most of the weekend..

Next trip should be better!

Maxabella said...

I really want to camp as a family, but we haven't done it yet. I imagine it will go pretty much the same way yours went!! x

lyptis said...

Cute post. I LOVE lists!! And yours is pretty good.:)
Great pictures too, nice colours.
I went to the shooting range just recently, great fun.

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