Thursday, March 4, 2010

Operation; Think Happy. Week 3.

Thursday already.
7 things that make me happy.

Finally feeling like the change in me I've waiting for is coming. After months of aimless wondering I can feel the Spirit of God pulling me back to him. Mundane daily activities are so different when you spend the days swimming in His love.

My new fringe. I am seriously loving it. Love the confidence a new hair cut brings.

Speaking of confidence boosts. The flirting pizza guy was defiantly a confidence booster. 

Succeeding at making Eli's lion birthday cake. I was so nervous but it turned out perfectly.

Friends. I have the greatest friends. I love them so much. In high school I thought I was doomed to never be able to make friends. Turns out high school kids suck. Not me.

Thomas the Tank Engine DVD's. It's so great showering by myself for 2 minutes in the morning while the boys are distracted by the 'very useful engine'. 

Expectation. This time next week I'll be leaving for the airport for a girls weekend in Sydney. Colour Conference. Friends. Seeing my mum and sister. Getting to wear boots. So many things to look forward to.



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