Saturday, June 11, 2011

No excuses.

Yesterday I started week 3 of C25K.
Week 3 includes 3 minute intervals.
That's right. For the first time I am counting my running in minutes not seconds.
It doesn't sound like much, but to me it is.
I did it. 
I did it on a day when I felt like my eyes were burning from the inside due to weeks of not sleeping. 
I did it on a day when a felt like I was drowning.
I did it even though I had to go back to the gym three times because someone else was always using 'my' treadmill.
And I was proud. Beyond belief proud.
I can't wait to built up the confidence to run outside.
Running on the treadmill makes me feel free.
I can only imagine what it feels like to run outside.

I've decided that once I finish C25K I'm going to go outside and complete Gateway to 8k which sets you up for 50mins of running. Yeah I know. I just did 3 minutes and I'm already thinking about running for nearly an hour. 
One can dream right?


Ziva said...

That's awesome! I'm proud of you too. I haven't been to the gym in ages!

Sojourner said...

WOW!! Go Amie!!! So jealous and proud of you!! I can't imagine that!! I don't think it's going to be a dream, it's going to be reality with your stubborn determination :D

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