Saturday, June 4, 2011

The perfect lipstick.

I've been thinking lately that I'd really love to find my perfect lipstick shade.
Actually I really wouldn't mind having a collection for different occasions.
Currently I don't really wear lipstick. Not really. I have one. But I tend to put it on and then blot it off so my lips are stained but the colour is not super strong.
I wouldn't mind if my perfect lipstick comes from Chanel. 
It fact I'm rather hoping that it does.

My current lipstick is rather intense. Without blotting it off I wouldn't feel very comfortable in it for everyday wear.
Although if my confidence grew the perhaps I could handle it.
Here it is in all it's full strength glory.

Crappy webcam picture featuring my $2 Sams Warehouse lippy.


Ziva said...

I'm on the hunt for the perfect lippy too. I realised I haven't really worn it much since having the kids 'cos last time I went to find a lippy in the cupboard, they were all mouldy! Ikk.

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