Monday, July 19, 2010

Sick sick sick.

I had wanted my 100th post to be so amazingly inspirational that maybe you would cry happy tears.
It's not.
I am so sick I think I may die.
I slept for nearly a solid 24hours only waking for more painkillers and fluids.
My husband is officially in the good books for taking the kids off my hands.
The plan was that I would wake up this morning feeling so much better after having slept it off.
It's didn't work.
I still feel like my head will explode at any moment.
My throat is still on fire.
My whole body still aches.
I am so ready to go back to bed.


Maxabella said...

Ouch! Get well soon. It was a kinda, sorta inspiring 100th post because even though you feel dreadful, you still posted! See?

Thanks for being my very first commenter on my 'skinny' blog. We're linked forever now (she says in a non-threatening, definitely not stalkerish way).

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