Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Tea please!

I am a tea person.
Always have been, and properly always will be. Coffee has never done it for me.
Sitting in my cupboard is a set of beautiful teacups that I believe once belonged to my great grandmother. My own mumma gave them to me over a year ago and so far I have used them only once.
Every time I open the cupboard I look at them longingly and then proceed and pick up the ugly Bunnings mug I was once given as a gag gift.
So today, in an effort to live life experiencing the beauty I am dusting them off and changing my cup of tea moment into a cup of tea moment.


Kate said...

I love tea too! My friend gave me a handdown electric teakettle and it has been a lifesaver now that we live in cold places.

Amie said...

Hi Kate, I love your blog. Thanks for being to first person (other then my best friend) to follow mine.

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