Wednesday, October 13, 2010

OH Yes

I think about coming back and posting something all the time. 
At least once a day.
It never happens. Either time, kids, mess gets in the way. Or I don't have anything life changing to say.
How pathetic really.
It's not like I was constantly posting life changing, inspirational message before.

Last night I spent hours going looking at some wonderful craft blogs.
Today I'm feeling rather inspired. I just want to make everything.
So I've decided to set myself a challenge of only homemade gifts this christmas (with the exception of the children, I'm not sure I can work out how to make the walking, talking, crazy transformer type Noah has his heart set on). 

Step one is to clean up/reorganize my craft area, which basically consists of a table and messy plastic tub in the garage. 
Today I'm going to clean out some of the crap from the garage to try and make some more room. And perhaps investigate my paint stash and see if I can find something to use to pretty up the desk.
The excitement is making me giddy.


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