Friday, October 15, 2010

A crazy mind.

There is so much going on in my head today. I'm sure that no one but me will be able to follow the mess that is about to follow.
You've been warned.

Yesterday I spent so much time doing little craft like projects. Taking some pictures is on my list for today.

Kayla's birthday is fast approaching.
I've known this for a few weeks but all of a sudden it hit me this morning.
It's been a year.
How did that happen?
My baby.
I'm overwhelmed by a fear the I'm going to forget all the little things that have made this past year so special.
I know that it's ridiculous. I can remember lots of amazingly cute wonderful things about the boys when they were babies. But I'm sure I've forgotten a lot as well.

My fringe had grown so much it was constantly sitting in my eyes. I cut it and after washing it last night, realized this morning discovered that it's crooked.
 So now I've created a mini drama. 
Do I cut it again and straighten it out... or sweep it to the side and grow it, move on from the fringe?
Oh the decisions.


Sojourner said...

waiting waiting waiting for photos!!! x

Amie said...

meant to be resting resting resting.

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