Thursday, September 9, 2010

What would you tell yourself?

Once again I've been MIA for a quite awhile. Back I just saw this little video and had to share with you.
So much wonderful advice on here. 
Anything you can particularly relate to?
What do you wish you could tell yourself back before you had your first bubba?

The thing that really gets my attention is the line "forgive yourself". Something I am working on at the moment. 
I don't think you can grasp the concept of mother guilt until you are a mother. 
Yet it's something that most of us struggle with and yet it is so so pointless. 
We need to remind ourselves daily that WE are the PERFECT mother for our child. NO ONE will ever love or care for your baby as much as you, which in essence makes you absolutely right for them. Our babies love us. Time for us to start loving us as well.


Sojourner said...

Don't forget this hey? xo

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